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This year's content programme delivered our biggest and best to date with over 100 sessions for you across 12 theatres across 2 days. The team worked hard in programming a world class line up of speakers, revealing some of our incredible line up as well as in-depth speaker interviews and insights into what makes these industry leaders get out of bed each morning!

Theme for 2018: Advertising. Reimagined.

Technology is changing the shape of advertising as we've ever known it. Our increasingly connected world is allowing powerful new ways to build new communities and drive fresh customer interest.

But as we arrive into a post-GDPR world, what will advertisers and marketers have to consider in order to develop innovative, yet compliant channels of engagement? Now co-located alongside stellar industry events Technology for Marketing and eCommerce Expo, ad:tech London is here to help savvy practitioners unlock the power of the latest emerging tech, spur opportunities for experimentation, and open minds to the future.

Whether a curious brand, agency or media leader, join us at ad:tech London each year and be inspired by revolutionary ideas that are now within the realm of the possible.

Keynote Theatre

The Keynote delivered an action-packed two-day programme of cutting-edge presentations, case studies and panel debates. Those present were leading brands and industry thought leaders leveraging our digital economy to drive sales, increase customer engagement and stay relevant in an ever–connected world! This was a priority agenda for those with a keen eye on the latest innovations and tech trends shaping the future of marketing and ecommerce.

Headline Theatre

Technology is changing the shape of advertising faster than we have experienced before, but it’s the people and their brilliant minds who are shaping the future of our industry. The ad:tech Headline Theatre was joined and inspired by leaders from the media, agency and brand spheres who are making the impossible possible. Technology, inspiration, aspiration, education, diversity, inclusivity. Change. The headline stage is not just about the debate, it’s about the future.

We hoped this gave you a wonderful insight into what we has on offer for you at the show this year as well as what's on offer next year. Remember, if you wanted to have a look at how you can be a part of Technology for Marketing 2019 or at the co-located events please do get in touch with us or register your interest now at the links below.

Including speakers from: O2, PwC, Rally Team GB, Badoo, OMD, Renault 

Innovation Track

Our dedicated innovation and future thinking track explored emerging technologies, ideas, and disruptive strategies. New technologies are breaking into the industry at lightning pace, adding value and improving efficiencies like never before. From AI to blockchain, from VR to AR, this exciting new theatre provided the opportunity to hear how leading brands are using innovative advancements to take their marketing efforts to new heights.

Including speakers from:Glitch!UK, VICE, Dentsu Aegis, Brixton Finishing School, Gorilla Spirits Co.



Theme for 2018: The Shift Back to Human

Despite advances to humanise artificial intelligence, it is a far-fetched future in which the technology around us will be able to feel and convey emotion. Automation, bots and analytics – all of these are increasingly pivotal in a successful business today, but can they ever replace the human element?

This year's edition of Technology for Marketing explored the value of harnessing the human aspect of marketing in an increasingly digital world and revealed how a focus on the human touch can re-engage customers, inspire new channels for interaction, and unlock opportunities for maximising revenue.

Content Marketing & Experience Theatre
Pick up the best tips and takeaways to inspire your content and customer experience strategies. From creation through to distribution, refine your content marketing game plan to grow your business and engage your audience. Discover why localisation and personalisation are bedrock tactics and hear from key decision makers on the latest technologies and tools to improve your customer experience.

Data & Insights Theatre (shared with ad:tech)
Acquiring and retaining customers, delivering the right experience, interacting at the right time, and marketing through the right channels – it all boils down to using the right data. This theatre covered all stages of an effective big data marketing strategy, from storage and analysis to taking action and delivering ROI. We learned how AI and machine learning are facilitating more meaningful insights and discover more around the far-reaching impact of GDPR to better manage your data quality and governance issues.

Customer Engagement Theatre
Advances in technology and new business models are leading to fundamental changes in the way marketers can engage with their customers. We heard from the experts leading the charge in customer engagement and across an insightful series of presentations, case studies and panel discussions. Pick up key takeaways on automation, email, social and search and be inspired to innovate and disrupt your channels of engagement!

Multichannel Marketing Theatre
Today there is no limit to the number of channels available to marketers, including engaging with consumers through physical promotions, websites, email, mobile, social or direct mail. Factor in the number of unique devices used daily by the average customer – it is no surprise that it is a struggle to keep up! This programme provided key insight on learning how to guarantee a seamless experience across all touch points, measure effectively across multiple channels, scale your investments, and ensure relevancy.



Theme for 2018: Going Global

Advances in technology are bringing the world closer together – and customers with it.

This year's edition of eCommerce Expo explored how recent innovations are allowing a staggering rise in consumer demand across borders and showed how to refine a strategy where global trade is less of an exception and more of an expectation.

Omnichannel Theatre
It is more crucial than ever that brands are able to engage and support their customers wherever and however they wish to connect. We discussed how best to overcome challenges such as maintaining consistent customer experience, tying together disparate retail operations, and maximising opportunities delivered by the latest innovations in the omnichannel space.

Cross Border Theatre
Hear from some of the world's leading practitioners, marketplaces and global retailers successfully expanding overseas. Our VIP Cross Border programme provided tips and advice on gauging market size and opportunity, the latest on working with marketplaces, localisation strategies, country-focused insights, and practical steps to take towards GDPR compliance. It was not to be missed if you're looking to maximise opportunities and reduce risk when entering or building presence in international markets!

  • Cross Border Fulfillment/Logistics
  • Country-Specific Case Studies
  • Marketplaces/Entry Strategy
  • Localisation Issues
  • GDPR
  • Growth Strategy
  • Pricing/Returns/Payment
  • Legal Issues
  • Reselling
  • Mobile
  • Tech/Innovations (Voice/AR/Big Data/AI)
  • SME Issues
  • Department Stores

Delivery & Logistics Theatre - Online delivery for the next generation
Collaborating with IMRG’s Delivery Retailer Advisory Board - a team of expert retailer logistics professionals, which shapes IMRG’s delivery agenda - we created a 2-day eCommerce Expo Delivery and Logistics agenda that asked THE key questions the industry will need to answer for the next generation of shoppers - including: What will the ideal customer experience look like? How will Peak evolve? What services will be affordable and sustainable? How can Returns pay?

Customer & Personalisation Theatre
Effectively bridging the gap between conversion and retention and browser and buyer is no easy feat. This theatre looked at how leveraging personalisation can drive greater traffic, deliver a more engaging customer browsing experience, reduce abandoned cart rates, and win back hesitant buyers and provided actionable insight and be inspired by brands that are getting customer-centricity right!


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  • This show surpassed my expectations for quality and quantity of attendees. A great speaker line up with quality insightful presentations that will not disappoint you.
  • I wish all panels would be like the one you organized. I saw great engagement level around and I had no doubts people were interested about content we presented.
    Head of Organic Acquisition, uSwitch
  • For a brand representative is always ke to be able to share and compare experiences with colleagues from other industries and to hear first hand accounts from industry leaders around challenges end the evolution of the industry.
    Group Head of Digital Marketing, Nomad Foods Europe
  • Bringing together a global brand like Nestlé and some of the world’s most creative entrepreneurs is a fantastic way to drive innovation and encourage collaborative solutions to real problems. The Next Big Thing at Ad:tech was a great way to execute this.
    Global Innovation Director, Nestlé
  • From organisation to execution, ad:tech in London was amazing!
    Head of Growth Marketing, Adverity
  • A solid mix of vision and practical knowledge was on display, in a high quality event that was large enough to be varied but not so large you felt swamped.
    Senior Copywriter, Infinity