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75% of our visitors are invited VIPs

To be eligible for a complimentary VIP pass you will be one of the following:

  • A senior planner, digital leader or c-suite exec at a major media planning & buying agency (limit of two per agency – not sales/new business/accounts) spending £1m+ annually
  • A marketing/digital/media manager or above working for a major consumer brand
  • A supply-side technology buying decision maker at a media owner



25% of our audience must purchase a pass to attend

Too many sales pitches = unhappy brand attendees. That's why we limit numbers to just 25% paid delegate passes.

You will need to pay for your pass if:

  • Your agency already has two members of staff attending as VIPs
  • You work for a marketing or advertising technology vendor 
  • You work in a sales/new business/commercial role for an agency or media owner
  • You are relevant for our event but don't meet the VIP criteria set out above



Not sure? Register your interest to discuss sponsorship and ticket opportunities with one of our team.

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Mihir Patel
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