We’ve ditched the by-numbers model of the traditional trade show and developed a new format where you can take meetings with brand and media agency VIPs, who represent 75% of the audience.


Quite simply, we’ll help you cut through the clutter and develop meaningful relationships with an exclusive gathering of 750 buyers. Book a meeting space today.

All the buyers, fewer suppliers
1000 decision makers. 600+ meetings with 750 brand and media tech buyers.
75% of attendees are investing in tech
Three-quarters of our audience are buyers of marketing, media and tech solutions thanks to our new invitation system
Meet the relevant. Cut out the irrelevant
Use your time efficiently by booking meetings with client-side, agency and media buyers
Context + interaction = new business
We’ll help you to drive ROI by bringing inspirational content, purchase intent and the chance to meet buyers face-to-face
Simple, cost-effective and exclusive business development
We’re only allowing 30 of the most relevant suppliers to take a pre-designed meeting area, meaning you don’t have to worry about competing for the attention of buyers