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Headline Theatre

Technology is changing the shape of advertising faster than we have experienced before, but it’s the people and their brilliant minds who are shaping the future of our industry. The ad:tech Headline Theatre will be joined and inspired by leaders from the media, agency and brand spheres who are making the impossible possible. Technology, inspiration, aspiration, education, diversity, inclusivity. Change. The headline stage is not just about the debate, it’s about the future.

Headline Theatre
  1. It’s been an interesting year for advertising and marketing, from H&M and Heineken completely missing the mark with their ad campaigns to Jamie Oliver being accused of cultural appropriation over his ...
  2. Delivering content internationally is one thing. Maximizing revenue on all territories, particularly in Asia when they are not your top priority is another, at a time when volume and growth is definit ...


    IDM Group
  3. The Exchange Lab’s Chief Executive, Chris Dobson, invites three leading independent media agencies to discuss how they use client and audience data in unique ways at a time when it is reported that br ...


    The Exchange Lab
  4. We are living through what is potentially the strongest movement for gender equality in recent times across all industries, but has the way we portray women in the media changed? If a brand creates a ...
  5. What is the real impact of GDPR – not today, but in six months, a year, 5 years? What does the future really look like and how can tech companies and brands make best use of their data in this new GDP ...
  6. The State of UK Culture report gives a retrospective guide to the cultural landscape of the UK over the last twelve months, breaking down different cultures and subcultures. The research is driven by ...


    Initiative UK
  7. Learn how brands such as Olay, Unilever, and DFS applied linguistic techniques from law enforcement to data they already have, driving sharper strategy and more engaging content. Accurate assessment o ...


    Relative AI
  8. Based on Hemingway's advice in his book On Writing, Gastón Tourn will discuss how one of the best storytellers of all time can help tell better stories for your brand.
  9. What happens when you apply the latest techniques in artificial intelligence to music? In this session, we will show you how hyper personalisation is evolving music consumption and creating new kinds ...
  10. It is predicted that worldwide digital advertising expenditure could reach over $335bn by 2020, but when you consider that the digital duopoly of Facebook and Google were forecasted to account for 84% ...
Headline Theatre
  1. A round-up of day 1 and what delegates can expect from day 2
  2. Since taking a life changing decision at 28 to leave her successful career as a management consultant and travel across India on an elephant, Caroline has been committed to building a global movement ...
  3. When it comes to Google Shopping, timing your media spend and targeting the right customers is key to optimising performance over peak trading. However, so many retailers are not optimised to make the ...


  4. Personalisation at scale. Is it possible? The reality is that very few companies can, especially en masse. With GDPR being another challenge, Hitwise presents how you can achieve personalisation by ta ...


  5. The digital ad landscape has seen 10 years of investment in massive distribution networks. We can now place an ad into one of these networks and target exactly who we want, with the product we know th ...


  6. It’s the question that won’t go away, and when Sir Martin Sorrell was forced to step down from his position as chief executive from WPP back in April, it only accelerated the debate around what the fu ...
  7. Innovation is our business lifeblood– and innovation comes from a blend of tech and creativity to produce magical, engaging experiences that connect and hold customer attention. How can we evolve to m ...
  8. TV is the most powerful form of advertising.  But it is changing.  As increasing numbers of consumers become accustomed to streaming their favourite programmes, either on demand or live, how can adver ...


  9. There have been nearly 100 murders in London alone this year as a result of knife and gun crime. Social media is increasingly coming under the spotlight as gangs use these platforms to incite violence ...
  10. Men are finally breaking down the boundaries of the stereotype that has defined them for years, and in doing so the doors have opened up for advertisers to think harder about how 21st Century man is m ...


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  • This show surpassed my expectations for quality and quantity of attendees. A great speaker line up with quality insightful presentations that will not disappoint you.
  • I wish all panels would be like the one you organized. I saw great engagement level around and I had no doubts people were interested about content we presented.
    Head of Organic Acquisition, uSwitch
  • For a brand representative is always ke to be able to share and compare experiences with colleagues from other industries and to hear first hand accounts from industry leaders around challenges end the evolution of the industry.
    Group Head of Digital Marketing, Nomad Foods Europe
  • Bringing together a global brand like Nestlé and some of the world’s most creative entrepreneurs is a fantastic way to drive innovation and encourage collaborative solutions to real problems. The Next Big Thing at Ad:tech was a great way to execute this.
    Global Innovation Director, Nestlé
  • From organisation to execution, ad:tech in London was amazing!
    Head of Growth Marketing, Adverity
  • A solid mix of vision and practical knowledge was on display, in a high quality event that was large enough to be varied but not so large you felt swamped.
    Senior Copywriter, Infinity