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Innovations Theatre

Join our dedicated innovation and future thinking track to explore emerging technologies, ideas, and disruptive strategies. New technologies are breaking into the industry at lightning pace, adding value and improving efficiencies like never before. From AI to blockchain, from VR to AR, head to this exciting new theatre to hear how leading brands are using innovative advancements to take their marketing efforts to new heights.
Innovations Theatre
  1. Alexa, how does a brand engage with consumers in an AI led world? David Combs will take you through everything you need to know when it comes to talking directly to the consumer. 
  2. The IAB reported that nearly one in five marketers have taken programmatic buying in-house last month and almost half have "partially begun the process". Why are they doing it? What does this move act ...


  3. Visual attention has become a hot topic among advertising researchers in recent years, however its practical application beyond creative optimisation has remained largely unexplored. Inskin and Lumen ...


  4. As Blockchain use cases expand beyond enabling cybercurrencies to include streamlining business processes, the original architecture for public, transparent networks must be reimagined. Advertisers an ...
  5. Join this illustrious panel of industry experts and judges of some of the most prestigious award ceremonies in advertising as they discuss what makes a great campaign, the unsung heroes who didn't qui ...
  6. Daniel will cover what's happened to bring AI and AR together to become a powerful couple - what can currently be done, what's about to be possible and how we might harness the possibilities for creat ...


  7. In 2017, KitKat turned to HENRi, Nestlé's global open innovation platform, seeking a new, innovative way to bring their Creating Shared Value endeavours and overarching purpose to life, and aiming to ...
  8. Digital objects & blockchain technology are becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives. Now for the first time these objects can come alive with a vivid experience layer - directly con ...


  9. What are the challenges of being an SME and navigating digital advertising? Dr Geraint Evans speaks to a vibrant young drinks company that is setting the bar for socially responsible business in the S ...
  10. Working in partnership with The Lee Lab at Cambridge University, Imagination has developed Project Lume: a multi-user virtual reality platform that allows anyone, anywhere, to explore, understand and ...
Innovations Theatre
  1. Barnaby Steel from the art collective 'Marshmallow Laser Feast' gives us a behind the scenes look at his studios award winning virtual reality experiences and discuses the future potential of virtual ...
  2. In this session we will be looking at the origins and interpretations of Location data and how as consumers our behavioural patterns can empower marketers to plan and measure more effectively.  


  3. Imagine your brand being displayed in front of an engaged audience at a number of London's hot spots for over 6,600 hours a year, fronted by a host of up-and-coming artists, and all supported by the M ...
  4. UKBlackTech are one of the most influential diversity groups within the UK, having spearheaded a unique journey to raise the representation of BAMEs in tech through discovering and nurturing homegrown ...
  5. Do brands take their adtech inhouse? What does the new age agency executive look like? How do tech companies find the perfect blend of tech geek and marketing chic? Are the people you hire today going ...
  6. "Three Mind-Blowing Ways AI is Disrupting Digital Marketing" will be presented along with a live demo of Adriel's AI-based advertising agency service.  


  7. Fake news and brand safety has forced brands to rethink their strategy when it comes to online advertising, putting premium content providers back in the driving seat. But what if display advertising ...
  8. Join Charlotte for a lively discussion about connection in business. Establishing and scaling genuine human connection through digital media and an increasingly consumptive and reactive consumer world ...
  9. Organisations are embracing digital transformation, and yet there seems to be a high failure rate. Why is it our collective and relentless efforts do not seem to deliver desirable outcomes? This sessi ...


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  • This show surpassed my expectations for quality and quantity of attendees. A great speaker line up with quality insightful presentations that will not disappoint you.
  • I wish all panels would be like the one you organized. I saw great engagement level around and I had no doubts people were interested about content we presented.
    Head of Organic Acquisition, uSwitch
  • For a brand representative is always ke to be able to share and compare experiences with colleagues from other industries and to hear first hand accounts from industry leaders around challenges end the evolution of the industry.
    Group Head of Digital Marketing, Nomad Foods Europe
  • Bringing together a global brand like Nestlé and some of the world’s most creative entrepreneurs is a fantastic way to drive innovation and encourage collaborative solutions to real problems. The Next Big Thing at Ad:tech was a great way to execute this.
    Global Innovation Director, Nestlé
  • From organisation to execution, ad:tech in London was amazing!
    Head of Growth Marketing, Adverity
  • A solid mix of vision and practical knowledge was on display, in a high quality event that was large enough to be varied but not so large you felt swamped.
    Senior Copywriter, Infinity